About STAAR Distributing:

Vision Statement

To position STAAR Distributing, LLC as a national premier pressure vessel manufacturing and fabrication company profitably addressing the Power & Petroleum, Oil & Gas, Chemical Processing, Refineries, Paper Mills, Building and Bridge Construction market sectors and more...

Mission Statement

To be vertically integrated through the entire vessel manufacturing process from base materials to component processing to full fabrication, heat treating and inspection to surface preparation and final paint and quality inspection to shipping and when possible field installation. Work includes pressure vessels and production skids of all types including piping and associated equipment and control instrumentation. Steel sales, processing and machining for all market sectors support the customer base.


Organizational values define the standards that govern the culture of the organization. The STAAR Distributing and Manufacturing organization will be a learning environment, staying on top of all the latest technologies and evolving standards of quality and certification through continuous training. This will promote top quality and efficiencies that will drive the business forward and build a strong reputation in the industries served.

STAAR Quality

When you choose to work with STAAR Distributing LLC, you receive unmatched customer service with attention to detail and are assured the highest quality available.

  • We only use manufacturers of the world's finest industrial materials with the proper certifications to meet customer specifications.

  • By using existing engineers with proven expertise and reputations, we are able to offer superior quality and competitive pricing.

  • Engineers with proven track records and strong reputations for innovative product design.

  • Material technology continues to evolve. Our key suppliers lead the way in the development of safer, more durable, easier to use and more cost effective solutions.

  • Maintaining a strong ENGINEERING presence are industry’s best answer for cost effective and safe operations.

  • STAAR Distributing LLC, warrants its workmanship and application selection to protect their customers.

Customer Service

It’s important for all of our customers and potential customers to know that our first commitment is to you and your success. We will do whatever it takes to make sure that you have the right material at the right time so you are able to complete your job successfully. We want to make sure our service is above and beyond that of our competitors.

In an industry where so many vendors focus on short term results, we at STAAR believe in focusing on one thing: satisfying our valued customers. We firmly believe that by concentrating on pleasing our customers, financial results will take care of themselves.

With STAAR as your supplier and or fabricator, you can rest assured that your order will be shipped on time and that the items will be shipped correctly. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our customers with the best possible service from start to finish. This is our promise to you.