Bellow you will find the forms necessary to perform all tasks associated with STAAR Distributing, STAAR Lubricants and STAAR Trucking.

The forms are clearly marked as to what they are associated with. Please make sure to fill out ALL the forms that are asked of you completely, and return them to us in a timely manner. If the forms you are completing do not have a submit button, please make sure to save them onto your computer or mobile device and attach them in an email to the appropriate division of STAAR.

Account Application

If you would like to establish credit with us, this form is necessary. Please submit it to the correct division.



We'll also need this filled out if you're planning on purchasing from us with credit.


Sales Tax Exempt

Tax exempt? Filled out the application for an open account? If so please fill this out for us.


Sales Form

Did one of our sales professionals ask you to fill out an order form? Easy to use. Make sure to submit it to the correct division.


TS Questionnaire

We are trying to learn a bit more about our customer. Please fill out this if you are purchasing TrickShot from us.



Looking for a career? Thinking about joining STAAR? Here you can find our application. Please fill it out completely.



Satisfaction Survey

Please tell us about your experience with STAAR. We want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is our goal to continue to grow to better serve you.



If you are using Chrome as your browser and are having trouble opening up files please try this. Put chrome://plugins/ into your address bar, press enter, scroll down and DISSABLE Chrome PDF Viewer and ENABLE Adobe Reader. This should fix any issues.

If the submit button on a form doesn't work with your computer, (it is incompatible with some browsers) please save the file and then try. If still no luck, attach it to an email by clicking on the appropriate link bellow.

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