MG-KRETE™ Concrete Repair
PAR™ Asphalt Repair Products
Vapor Lock™

Compounding the Strength of Concrete


MG-KRETE™ Concrete Repair Products from STAAR Distributing are a cost effective, two component, high strength, non-shrinking repair mortar. MG-KRETE™ Concrete Repair Products not only repair damaged concrete; it actually restores structural integrity back into the repaired concrete structure. Once installed, MG-KRETE™ provides a much stronger non-porous surface that is considerably tougher and more resilient to environmental conditions. In addition, it is resistant to oils, gasoline, salts, and UV radiation.  MG-KRETE™ is PennDOT Bulletin 15 approved!

The cost to remove and replace concrete can be substantial and is very often inconvenient. MG-KRETE™ has become the most cost effective concrete repair solution available today. While MG-KRETE™ will aggressively bond to most construction materials, it’s intended usage is specifically to repair concrete. MG-KRETE™ – the ULTIMATE REPAIR that bonds tenaciously to concrete!

Ideal for a Virtually Unlimited Range of Concrete Repairs:

  • Roadways

  • Potholes

  • Sidewalks

  • Driveways

  • Industrial Floors

  • Parking Decks

  • Bridges

  • Re-sloping Issues

  • Trip Hazards

  • Stairs

  • Parging

  • Airport Runways & Aprons

MG-KRETE™ Concrete Repair Products

last much longer, and withstand wear and heavy traffic, better than traditional cement based patch material. It has a tenacious bond and does not shrink, creating a surface that is more impervious to moisture, salt, gas, and oils, plus it requires no long term maintenance. MG-KRETE™ sets within one hour in freezing temperatures, helping to dramatically cut production downtime.

Key Advantages:

    • Cures rapidly under all weather conditions

    • Bonds tenaciously to concrete

    • Non-flammable; highly heat-resistant

    • Non-toxic

    • No critical mixing ratios

    • No extensive surface preparation required

    • Resists oil, gasoline, salt, UV radiation, and water

    • Delivers top quality polymer performance at a fraction of the cost of ripping & replacing

    • Zero shrinkage

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    Permanent Asphalt Repair Products

    PAR™ Asphalt Repair Products are specifically designed and engineered to permanently repair potholes in asphalt in all weather conditions. No primers are required. PAR™ lasts longer than existing pavement and supports traffic immediately following installation. PAR™ can also be used to repair holes in concrete, although it is recommended that MG-KRETE™ be used for this application.

    PAR™ Asphalt Repair Products can be implemented in three easy steps:

    1. Clean out all loose chunks or debris using a stiff broom or blower to achieve a sound surface to bond to.
    2. Place PAR™ into the hole in layers of 3" at a time and tamp the area until firm. The last layer of PAR™ should be 25% higher than the finished level.
    3. Compact the PAR™ with a tamper, roller, or by driving over it until the desired level is achieved.

    Key Advantages:

    • PAR™ Asphalt Repair Products have been proven to outlast surrounding pavement

    • No seasonal grades

    • No primer or tacking materials are necessary

    • Can be used in all weather conditions, wet or dry

    • No waiting for hot mix

    • Available in easy to use 50 lb. bags, 5 gallon pails, or 55 gallon drums

    • Easy to use, 3-step repair process

    • Open to traffic immediately after repair



    Vapor Lock™

    VL 20/20 is a ready to use concrete admixture that has an organic chemical reaction with components of the cement and utilizes the water of convenience to eliminate the route of moisture vapor emission. This reaction is a permanent and integral component of the finished concrete.

    VL 20/20 is designed to be added to any cementitious material where vapor and water proofing is desirable. This allows for the application of moisture sensitive coatings and adhesives in the normal construction schedule.

    Major Advantages OF VL 20/20™:

    1. Vapor proofs concrete (0.03US Perms ASTM E 96)
    2. Water proofs concrete (1x10-9 cm/s permeability ASTM D 5084)
    3. Allows easy installation of no VOC (water-based) adhesives & coatings
    4. No additional moisture controls required
    5. Increases concrete density and hardness
    6. Increased abrasion resistance
    7. Effective in reducing:
           -Freeze-thaw spalling
           -Spider cracking
           -Slab curl