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Penn DOT

STAAR Distributing has acquired Penn Dot as a new customer for IMCO, SPG and TrickShot products. Specifically, MG-Krete has been the focus for trials and project activities. MG-Krete is an ideal solution for many of Penn Dot's road and bridge repairs.

Here is a quick understated Benefits list:

• No primer or bonding agent required
• Use vertical or horizontal and overhead
• Can be stamped and colored
• Zero shrink, resistant to cracking
• Bonds to itself
• No Critical Mix Ratio
• 14-95 Deg.F application range
• Featheredge to unlimited thickness
• 45 min- 2,600 psi
• Accelerate & retard setting times for workability
• Accepts traffic in 1-2 hours
• 28 days-11,000 psi
• Impermeable to water, salt, oil, gas & most chemicals

Penn Dot has been using MG-Krete on bridge decks, sidewalls, and underneath beam repairs. They have found It is very easy to work with and can be poured into a form. Another great benefit Penn Dot discovered of Mg-Krete is the set up time, they can have a job done and the road back open in one to one and a half hours. This saves a lot of overtime money that otherwise would get paid out waiting for concrete to setup. Penn Dot has been pleased with the applications and will test the durability over the Winter months. More trials are planned and scheduled to cover all the Penn dot work districts. Call STAAR Distributing and schedule a trial for your repair needs.




Lezzer Lumber, Inc.

On July 24th and 25th, Jonathan Weber Sales Specialist for STAAR Distributing, LLC brought on STAAR's newest distribution partner, Lezzer Lumber, Inc. for TrickShot, IMCO and SPG products.

Lezzer's was conducting "Contractor Days" and all customers were introduced to the new products offered by STAAR through Lezzer's stores. All nine Lezzer stores will carry products like TrickShot Penetrant/Lubricant, MG-Krete Concrete repair, PAR Asphalt repair. The two stores near Lancaster, PA and the main store in Curwensville were the first to be setup. Remaining stores will be setup in August and a special Lunch & Learn will be provided for training of the Lezzer staff.






June 26th, Dave Herzing President of STAAR's Steel & Pipe Division and Jonathan Weber Sales Specialist displayed at the Kovalchick Complex in Indiana, Pennsylvania. The Expo included seminars, demonstrations and an opportunity to engage in business-to-business networking. STAAR's presence was to get exposure to the Southwestern area in the Marcellus and see what business was available.

According to the sponsor, the PA GAS EXPO 2013 WAS ANOTHER SMASH HIT. There was plenty of interest in TrickShot but not much in the way of Energy Companies, Drillers to interest fabrication work. Another case of more vendors than qualified customers. This Expo will get heavy scrutiny from STAAR as whether to attend in 2014. Good show management is truly hard to come by these days, Putting the Mettle to Metal…..STAAR Distributing.





Northern Tier Marcellus Shale Business Expo

On June 21st from 9:00AM to 3:00PM in Troy, Pennsylvania, Dan McCluskey STAAR’s General Manager of Energy Services and Manufacturing and Jonathan Weber STAAR Sales Specialist displayed at the pavilion and represented all STARR’s products and services.

The plan was to gain exposure in the onetime very active drilling area in the North Eastern part of the Commonwealth. The Expo was somewhat dismaying in that the attendance was far less than 2012 and the quality of participants was poor at best. From a standpoint of STAAR's manufacturing division, the show was very disappointing. The foot traffic was very light and there was no significant contact for manufacturing. Speaking with several of the other exhibitors, they all told me that the show turnout (exhibitor and attendee) was a quarter of what it was last year. We understood drilling activity is much lower, but the show administration should have alerted attendees this was going on. We will have to consider very hard if this Expo is worth the time and money if it is offered in 2014, Putting the Mettle to Metal…..STAAR Distributing.





Penn Dot Innovation and New Technology Day

On June 4th in State College, this day proved to be the perfect venue to show off STAAR's unique products, TrickShot, MG-Krete, PAR and Vapor Lock.

Given the large amount of project work done by Penn Dot involving concrete and paving as well maintaining their massive amounts of equipment the interest level was off the charts. The tent was a-buzz the entire day answering questions, setting up demos and just getting the exposure STAAR needs.

We were even popular enough to have two of our team interviewed by WTAJ in High Definition. Jonathan Weber covered the repair products and Steve Kuchey handled TrickShot. A perfect day and a perfect ending, Putting the Mettle to Metal…..STAAR Distributing.

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Electric Power Conference & Exhibition

On May 14-16 Mark Hales STAAR's Field Operations Manager and Bill Young Director of New Business Development attended the Electric Power Conference & Exhibition in Chicago, Ill. What better way to Access 360 Degree Coverage of the Power Generation Industry!

There couldn't be a more important time for the Power Generation Industry to come together. As an industry, everyone is working to navigate through complicated transitions and we are finding ways to leverage new opportunities. The theme for ELECTRIC POWER 2013 Conference was "Flexibility & Adaptability: The New Hallmarks for Power Generation." Seldom have power generators been more challenged to be flexible and adaptable, and this year's event addressed the theme head-on!

With more than 250 experts leading 9 conference tracks, 3 co-located events, a variety of pre-conference workshops it was a lot to be covered in two days. STAAR did not exhibit, but it gave us an idea of top exhibitors that were demonstrating all of the industry's newest products, services and technologies. It also gave us leads and contacts for companies we can work with for future business and products we can use in our business. STARR will be addressing the Power Industry for projects in the months to come.

Venue for ELECTRIC POWER: Donald E. Stephens Convention Center (Baltimore, MD) - 




STAAR's 100th Pressure Vessel Announcement

After a year of preparation and planning to acquire our ASME Code Stamps, and another year of precision welding and fabrication, STAAR is proud to announce the registration of our 100th ASME Pressure Vessel with the National Board of Boiler Inspectors.

Each Vessel design has been carefully reviewed in detail by our Engineering and Quality Departments to ensure that we conform to ASME standards and our individual customers’ needs.

Detailed planning of each project from conception, through the realization process, along timely delivery is what makes STAAR Energy Services & MFG one of the premier Code Welding shops in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

If your organization is in need of Pressure Vessels, Piping and Structural Steel, our team of highly skilled and experience professionals will be glad to assist you.